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5 Aug 2017

How To Prepare Vegetarian Soup


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Posted By Demetrius G.

Vegetarian soup is a liquid food that is made by boiling vegetables in water and then seasoning and occasionally thickening the liquid that is produced. It is usually served as the first course of a dinner, but it is also often served as a light meal, such as lunch, on its own.

Soup is an easily created, economical and when properly prepared from fresh, nutritious vegetables, very nourishing food.

Care ought to be taken to make this food attractive enough to appeal to the appetite, so it should not be greasy nor insipid in flavour, neither ought it to be served in large quantities nor without the correct accompaniment.

A small quantity of well-seasoned, attractively presented vegetarian soup cannot fail to find approval when it is served as the first course of the meal. The point of this article is to acquaint you with the details of making appetizing and nutritious vegetarian soup that is both nutritious and healthy.

The three main kinds of soup that can be made from wholly vegetarian (yet not necessarily vegan) ingredients are: broths, cream soups (contains dairy produce) and purees. The basis of these three sorts can be a vegetable stock prepared from either dried or fresh vegetables or both.

BROTHS have for their foundation a clear vegetarian stock. They are occasionally a thin soup, but other times they are made fairly thick with vegetables, rice or barley whenever they are served as a substantial part of a meal.

CREAM SOUPS are extremely nutritious and there are many varieties. They have for their base a thin cream sauce, and to this are always added vegetables or grains.

PUREES are soups made thick partly or completely by the addition of some foodstuff obtained from boiling an piece of food and then straining it to form a pulp.

When vegetables containing starch such as beans, peas, lentils or potatoes are used for this purpose, it is unnecessary to thicken the soup with any additional starch, but when watery vegetables are used, additional thickening is necessary. To be right, a puree should be nearly as smooth as double cream and of the same texture.

When preparing vegetarian soup always use soft water but be careful to proportion the amount of water to that of the vegetables. Somewhat less than two pints of water to a pound of vegetables is a good rule for ordinary soups. Rich soups, meant for company, might have a smaller amount of water.

Here is a puree type recipe for carrot soup:


4 good-sized carrots, 1 small head of celery, 1 fair-sized onion, 1 turnip, 3 oz. of breadcrumbs, 1-1/2 oz. of butter or margarine, 1 blade of mace, pepper and salt to taste.

Scrape and clean the vegetables; cut them up small; put them in a pan with 3 pints of water, the butter or margarine, breadcrumbs, and mace. Boil until the vegetables are fairly tender; rub everything through a sieve and return the mixture to the saucepan.

Reheat; season with salt and pepper. If it is too thick add water. The soup ought to be as thick as cream; boil and serve with crusty bread.


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